could i have avoided that?

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      hello out there, it's my first post on this forum so i'd really like to see some feedback to the following from some more expirienced players.
      i usually play rush mtt's and sng's at fulltilt.

      my current possition was 150 out of 1200+ players in a rush mtt guarantee stack was about 9000 chips when i found myself in early potition with KK and the blinds were 40-80. i raise to 4bb's and i get a caller from the bb or sb (not quite sure but not a big difference). that guy had about 11500 chips. flop comes out : 9 6 2 rainbow . he checks the flop and i check back in order to trap him. turn is Q and i see him bet about 2/3 of the pot so i guess he had a hand like A Q or QK or he was trying to steal the pot. so i 2.5 reraise him and he goes all in after a while.. how would u play this hand and why?
      my decision was to call him just to see that he had 3 of a kind (9's)

      thanks in advance and sorry for the bad english :P
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