Cashout after transfer.

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      Hello, I got transfer on my account, and I asked support and security about transfer policy at PokerStars. I sent few messages. And I had got few answers. I think, it's really funny, that ALL OF THEM are different :) .

      "Our transfer tool is only meant to help players fund their accounts
      when they are unable to deposit with deposit options currently
      available to them. All funds added to your account via transfer
      must be used to play at our tables.

      We are restricted by our license agreement in the Isle of Man and
      this prevents us from being able offer a real money transfer
      service for the purpose of cashing out.

      You should use a money transferring service outside of PokerStars for
      transfers which are not meant to be played at our tables.

      We thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


      PokerStars Security Team"
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      Thank you for your email.

      In order for you to cashout $100 from a transfer to your account, you will
      need to collect about 50 VPPs.

      If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to email us.

      We thank you for choosing PokerStars and wish you the best of luck at our


      PokerStars Support Team
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      Thank you for your e-mail.

      We do not have precise criteria regarding amount of hands played, however we
      feel appropriate that our clients use 50 to 70% of transferred or deposited
      funds at our tables. As such, in order to cashout $100 deposited to your
      account, you would need to accumulate at least $50.


      PokerStars Security Team
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      Please note that out Transfer policy applies to all PokerStars account
      regardless of their status or how long they have been with PokerStars.

      It clearly states on our site that that our policy regarding cashing out
      from recent transfers received are not permitted as all funds deposited on
      our sites are for intended plays on our tables.

      At PokerStars, we do not normally process cashout that originates from a
      transfer without having to play with these funds. In this case, players must
      first accumulate 15% of the cashout amount in VPPs. To make this requirement
      easier to understand, you can think of needing to accumulate 15 VPPs for
      every $100 you wish to cashout.

      This means that if you received $10,000 and wish to cashout $8,000 you will
      be required to accumulate 1200 in VPPs (15% x $8,000). Once this is
      achieved, we can make an exception to process your cashout request.

      PokerStars is a site on which people come to play poker. We are not a
      financial institution or a money transferring service. If you would like to
      receive such service please consider using a money transferring service

      Should you require further assistance please contact us at your most
      convenient time.


      PokerStars Security
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      I am sorry, that I made few messages, but it's better to read this way.
      So tell me smbd pls, who is right from PokerStars's support?)))
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      I transferred some money to my Dad over the transfer option and when he tried to withdraw it they froze both our accounts for a while :( It's all sorted now but it was a massive hassle so I would recomment not trying to withdraw the money you got from a transfer.