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    • chaseyouuptotheriver
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      My official hello to "PokerStategy". I took me so long to introduce myself since the time I signed up here last Nov 2009. Just a few minutes ago I completed the quizz and passed it. I found out that I still have a lot of strategies to learn as far as playing NLH poker is concern after taking the strategy lesson. It was very informative and helpful for poker players like me who want to improve their skills.

      Thanks !!!
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    • Waiboy
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      Hi chaseyouuptotheriver!

      About time you came around, we'd begun to wonder where you'd got to?! Best of luck with the study. I'm sure you'll find plenty to sink your teeth into as you go.

      The best spots to start are the strategy articles, the videos section and the hand evaluation forums (BSS and SSS).

      If you need any help just shout and someone will help prod you in the right direction. :f_grin: