pokerstars starting capital

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    • jayjay2345
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      can someone answer my question, is pokerstars giving a starting capital of 50$?
    • MichaelGotAA
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      Have some patience. Your asking a question at 4.41 am. Its the middle of the night. The admins & mods probably won't be around until day time.
    • EagleStar88
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      Hi guys,

      Sorry for the slight delay in getting back to you, the forum is large and the odd post gets missed and yeah we do sleep occasionally, although we do have moderators from many different time zones. :D

      PokerStars no longer provide the free $50 starting capital I'm afraid, this changed a few months back.
      You can of course still benefit from the first deposit bonus by depositing a little of your own funds. This would also entitle you to earn PokerStrategy points and other PokerStrategy benefits.

      You would need to select a platform from the list on your home page, but can then always join PokerStars as well (or perhaps after clearing the first bonus).

      Hope this helps. Any questions don't hesitate to shout ;)

      Best regards,

    • royalbulet
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      Originally posted by EagleStar88
      and yeah we do sleep occasionally
      OMG OMG OMG Bart. You sleep? WoooT :D

      Hehe , i'm at work now form 10 am . SUX ( my usual schedule is 4PM-12am. )

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