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    • Hopey
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      I have been playing 6max at FT at the NL5 level for a couple of months. Recently I have run good and also cashed in a couple of tournaments. Consequently I got my bankroll to a level where I have 25 buy ins for NL10. Not one to hang around I began playing at this level straight away. In my first 2 days at NL10 I have encountered some major swings (+ 1 buy in, then I was -4 buy ins, then break even, then -5 buy ins, now I am up 3 buy ins).

      What I am wondering; is this standard variance for SH tables? (I have about 25k hands played on SH tables but I think at NL5 either the swings wern't so bad or I didn't notice them as the size in $ of the swings is obviously smaller)

      If it is the case that variance is much larger- should I consider changing the number of buy-ins from 25 to a higher number to absorb some of the fluctuations?

      If I should what number of buy-ins would people reccomend?


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    • yeahyoung0312
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      How many hands did you play in your first 2 days? If < 2k hands then what you described sounds like some but not large variance. If > 10k hands I don't think that's too much variance.

      Varience depends on your style and opponents. If you play super LAG and you happen to sit with some other LAGS there will be high variance. If you play TAG however tend to overplay your hands like going broke everytime with AA/KK on the flop with a overpair to a flop ch/raise there will be high variance. If you try to play back villains on your table there will be high variance. If you happened to sit with crazy fishes there will be high variance.

      But in general if you play a solid TAG style and just GRIND, there should NOT be much variance.

      And IMO, variance on NL10 is NOT much larger than that in NL5.

      As to BRM I would suggest 40BI.
    • tokyoaces
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      25 is plenty if you plan to move down immediately and bounce around on the edge until you have a cushion.

      Usually people don't move down until they find themselves on the rail.
    • SiXAT
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      well man me presonnaly i always have a feel for the limit: can i beat it or not? if i feel i can , i have been losing it means that: either i made some stupid mistakes and overplayed my hands or(and this is the most likely imo) i didnt afjust correctly to the ranges of this limit.
    • gonepoker
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      Hi. I am new to cash games so don't have much experience but I've started at NL10 had plenty buy in's for that limit. But when started to take shot's at NL25 not sure even had 20 buy in's but that was close to it. I just closed two tables NL10 and started playing one NL25 instead variance really depends on your playing style some times it really hurts even if you have big edge but you always can go back to lower limit and come back when you feel you are ready to try again. So I think even 20 buy in's is fine if you will be careful while your BR and game improves.