[coaching feedback] Hand Evaluation Coaching Silver - Hasenbraten & veriz

    • Nussknacker
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      General information about my coaching:
      Name of coaching: NL BSS Hand Judge Coaching Silver
      Poker Room: -
      Status: Silver

      To improve the quality of our coaching, please leave your feedback, your questions and your wishes for future coaching here!



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    • SvenBe
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      He guys, sorry for the short notice.
      Unfortunately Nussknacker is ill and Hasenbraten still doing his internship:
      Today's coaching has to be canceled.

      But do not be afraid: our hand evaluation service runs 24/7 - so just head for our hand evaluation forum & post your trouble hands there - you will get a written response, most often within 24h!
    • kiromanAAKK
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      I didn’t thought before that I can enjoy so much (as I did) by follow this format of coaching as I usually take part at the live one. I had a great time even I arrived late. Very good session and high standard of evaluation.
      Look forward for next time.
      Thx :heart:
    • SaintNicholas
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      You did a great job, by doing this awesome coaching. After the following Christmas days ( I have to work), and then a short vacation on my part, the member Bordito will receive a small gift from me for his great activity during the coaching.

      Despite that I have a lot of work to do, I will join a few more coachings until Christmas Eve.

      Be aware that your own activity is always good for you. :)

      Merry Christmas,
      Yours, Saint Nicholas
    • Terminatorchief
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      i attended the coaching for the first time yesterday and enjoyed it very much. i especially liked that there are two coaches with their individual opinions on the hands. so i will definitely be there at the next coaching and i´m looking forward to it. :)