Help with overpairs

    • frodebass
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      Just lost 3 buy ins on Full tilt.
      Same all times.

      I get raised in the blinds with pocket pair.
      Once it was QQ, then TT and 99

      First time flop comes 8 high.
      I bet pot. He calls. Turn is a blank.
      I bet pot, he shoves, I call, he has pocket 4's for a flopped set.

      Same story last two hands.
      This happens at same table within 5 minutes.....yiekes....

      Board at the end no card over my pair, villain always has pocket 3, 2 or 4...

      i know I know, fold to resistanse.......but it's soooooo difficult when I felt they were pushing me around, constant steal attempts etc....

      Any advice?

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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi frodebass,

      This is an excellent opportunity for me to introduce you to the sample hands boards.

      Basically you can post the hand history and get hugely experienced members and coaches to provide you with seasoned second opinions on how you played and whether you made any mistakes or were just unlucky.

      I'm not one of those poker experts myself, but can confirm these types of things happen regularly, but over the course of a much bigger sample size, you should win more than you lose.

      I think from what you wrote, you could actually raise less than pot on each occasion and receive better information from the opponent with a cheaper "out" that doesn't already commit you to the pot.
      But again I would stress that I'm not an expert. Re-read the relevent strategy guide or post the full hand (in the sample hands forum) for a much more informed response from an expert.

      Don't let the lost hands get to you too much, it's all part of the game that we have to learn to cope with.

      Best regards,

    • joecar
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      2/3 raise is pretty standard just betting pot, your not going to get very much information from villian and your not going to extract any value or get much action as you will usually scare away weaker hands.

      min pairs will hit a set usually every 7.5 times. On the microstakes especially pay attention to how people play their low pocket pairs. Most fish will limp/call with them and play aggro when they hit. By estimating hand ranges you can improve your post-flop game.

      I get raised in the blinds. 3 bet the villian to maximize your value, although a call is also fine but you are out of position on the flop.