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From FL to NL to SNG...

    • SickAtHome
      Joined: 19.05.2010 Posts: 465
      I used to play FL, played it for a solid 3 weeks where I made ~$35 and got up to 0.1/0.2, but it was intensely unfulfilling. When I switched to NL, there was much more money to be made, and seemed more intense for me.

      I recently hit a 2nd $50 deposit bonus on PartyPoker, and because I don't have much time to grind out 100 points, I played a $11 SNG for the fun of it. I had the chiplead, but finished 3rd for $20 after getting sucked out. (first time, never played SNG before...)

      For me, I try not to multitable as much, and SNG is a lot more intense and action-packed (even though I play standard 10min blinds, turbos are too fast). Here, I concentrate on one table and I think - I make a lot more rake playing $3 SNG than playing NL2 (two or three tables).

      So far, after the $20 win, I lost 4 tourneys without making it ITM, won 1, lost another three, and the past three tourneys have been 2 1st and 1 2nd. Maybe it's just beginner's luck or a heater, but it seems like SNGs are a lot more exciting and also are a faster way of clearing my bonus.

      I feel like getting better at SNG, and then playing some MTT's when I have more time. Also, I want to cash out the $50 (hopefully I'll have more than 50 by the time it's over) and transfer it onto PS/FT because there's more traffic and promotions.

      What do you think?
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    • joecar
      Joined: 09.04.2008 Posts: 347
      BRM 11SNG for a $50BR isn't a good idea unless you dont mind reloading. Variance can be pretty bad for SNG so you should have 20-30 BI for your BR. You seem to have the early and middle phases down.

      Work on your later stages and download and practice ICM. Software

      Also post some of your tricky hands in the hand evaluation forum to get feedback.

      What platform are you currently playing on?, nice run and GL
    • SickAtHome
      Joined: 19.05.2010 Posts: 465
      Sorry about slow reply,
      I'm playing on Party Poker atm

      Had another 5 tables, 2 won, 3 I went all-in and lost, 2-1 fav every time.

      My current ROI is ~25%, but its only over 16 tourneys. so multitable or not? I feel like my analyzing my opponent really gives me an edge so..

      I think I'll stick with SNG for a bit longer =D
    • pzhon
      Joined: 17.06.2010 Posts: 1,151
      Eventually, you will want to multitable. It is harder to pay attention to what particular opponents are doing, and you will make some multitabling mistakes. Nevertheless, some players maintain a decent ROI while playing 16 tables or more. You don't want to play so many tables that your ROI is pushed below 0, or close, but do try to build up the skill of being able to play well on more tables.

      One intermediate step, before you play more tables, is to watch tables where you are not playing while you play. Take notes on the players on the extra tables. When a hand goes to showdown, think about what each player had and did on each street.

      By the way, the results of 16, or even 100 tournaments, do not say very much. A rough 95% confidence interval after N tournaments is about the observed ROI +- 310%/sqrt(n). After 16 tournaments, your confidence interval looks like 25% +- 80%, which does not say much. Even if you sustained the 25% for 100 tournaments, you would not have strong statistical evidence that you are a winning player since your confidence interval 25%+-31% would include 0. So, while the 25% ROI is nice (and probably unsustainable), you need a lot more data to have a good estimate of your ROI.