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My WIMPY Percentages! Blind Defense, AGGR!

    • Monarc2010
      Joined: 14.08.2010 Posts: 51
      OKay guys I finally got my software and starting to get numbers back still early but I am starting to see some numbers that worry me, especially the blinds and aggression!
      I been using basic startegy mostly, but noticed players being so lose in the 1$ range that I have widden my starting ranges and its been getting me into the money in 6 of the 8 tournaments i last now I need to make the jump to final table regular.

      In 1400 hands, 23 tournaments 16 of them being 1$, 3 2$ and 1 3$: its enough to see bad pattern developing
      software rating me; Tight aggressive (pre flop) Neutral (post flop)

      Blind defense
      SB I folded 87.5 % BB Folded 75%

      Blind stealing
      attemped 10% ...22.22% won withhout showdown 55.56 went to showdown i won 22.22%

      Im thinking way too high folded rate anyone know what good % should be?
      steal rate should be?

      aggression factor total is 1.1%
      push frequency 1.5% preflop, 4.65% flop, 6.41%....etc.....get the picture being way too wimpy with all my agression numbers!

      Anyone know what good percentage for agression should be?
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    • Lindberg789
      Joined: 10.04.2009 Posts: 314
      don't worry about stats until you have a sample. instead review the hands you have played, and look if you get max value, call down to lightly, play to passive or agressive, check if you missed good squeeze spots etc. these are the things you should look at and not your stats. ;D

    • Monarc2010
      Joined: 14.08.2010 Posts: 51
      Thank you for your insight Lindberg789, its very helpfull.
      I will follow your suggestions and not worry so much about stats and worry more about making the correct moves.