Risk MTT life to defend blinds?

    • Monarc2010
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      I posted this seperatçly because I want different feedback!

      In noticing that i am not defending my blinds like I should, I want to know what you defend your blinds with!

      Do you risk the MTT life with defending your Blinds with J10 or QJ or lower?
      Do you only defend against 2.5-4 BB raises and fold against ALL ins?

      I undestand that having good notes on the regulars is good, like today I ran into someone who I had noticed blind stealing on another tourney and more importantly he did it with a very wide range. So there he goes 4BB raise trying to steal my blinds for the second time in a row and i called him and took half his stack!
      However later that tournament he got all my stack on all in, but once again he did it A3 i called with A6.....he got two pair A3 to win....bad luck for me but the good note taking allowed me to call and have a very good chance to get a final table stack.... busted out 19th allowing me to win two buy in money at least. I did this because I want to get final table money....I could of played safe and rfeceived a couple of more bucks....but that wont increase my BR too much..

      Looking forward to some good feedback!
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    • Lindberg789
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      You can defend a lot vs late position raisers, with a reraise/squeeze - Imo suited connectors, suited aces and low pocket pairs are good for when talking about restealing by shoving.
      About calling all ins - just go over your odds, his given range and how you do against it and make the decision of calling or folding - but don't call to light, most people shoves tighter than you want to believe.