Do you stack off if the odds for your hand equity are correct ?

    • TheCoon
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      Let's say that I have JTo on 9 :heart: 6 :spade: Q :diamond: .

      #1: Do I stack off if I get 2 to 1 odds, assuming that I have 33% equity in the hand ? (with no bubble factor)

      #2 : with 3 to 1 odds

      #3 : #1 and #2 with bubble factor

      Thanks in advance :f_biggrin:
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    • TheRebuz
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      this depends on your stack size and avg stack size
      also it depends r u the 1 that is shoving or the 1 that is calling ( i assume from ur Q that u r asking what to do if u should call for all your chips)
      also it depends if wining this pot will make big changes in your stack size if u r 10 bb stack is def a call, but u shouldnt play JT if u have only 10 bb stack so...
    • TheSenseman
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      If you are above average and it is some kind of bigstack vs. bigstack situation, you should just fold and wait for better spots. If you need to double up anyways, you should just go ahead and call. You should not care about the bubble because you don't want to reach the money, you want to win!