Hey ho, are there any coaches here that coach micros either tournaments or cash (I play NL10/MTTs up to $5). I have a roll of $530, looking for a coach to boost my game and to fire me up limits (Would be nice to try and boost up to NL25 (my cash game sucks, I play lots of vol watch lots of vids but still suck so obv have some leaks)).

If any coaches fancy taking on a micro player for reasonable price it would be sick, although I doubt any coach has time for such a gesture.

So, does p/s only have coaches for the slightly higher limits? How about maybe sweat sessions with people, is this the place to find a sweating partner?

Would be cool to find either a reasonably priced coach or sweat buddy, let me know! I know that p/s doesn't allow non-approved people to advertise coaching here so, does anyone know somewhere I can find a good coach? I duno how p/s are on advertising other websites so if you could pm me a place that would be cool. Thanks!