hu plo?

    • YDdraigGoch
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      hi im looking to start playing some more plo hu probably start at plo50, i have good wr up to plo50 sh although im playing mainly nl hu atm...
      iv played around 1k hands so far have to say its super sick:D

      but was wondering what sort of win rates are maintainable are bigger edges achievable at lower stakes than nlhu, or is it so swingy you have to put in sick no. of hands to get the rewards/ whats normal std deviation,
      also what sites are best is stars/tilt are euro sites worth trying or is there a lack of action / rake too high to make it as profitable also any other tips you may have
      ill post some of my hands to get evaluated later....

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    • Ribbo
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      At the moment you're doing well because people might not have stats on your HU play. The main problem is that most HU guys just check everyone out on pokertableratings then refuse to play other winners. this leaves 20 people all sat on 1 HU table waiting for the fish to join :f_grin:
      If you turn out to be a good winner you will find it harder and harder to get games on tracked networks.
      I'd say try and win as much money as possible as quickly as possible before people work out you're a winner. :s_grin:

      Really you should look for sites that support HU play with lower rake which makes the game beatable (I once observed a game a few years ago where both players started with $50 and it ended with one guy bust and the other with $53 lol ). So yeah rake is a huge factor into making the game beatable. :]