Holdem Manager Failed To Establish a Connection to

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      Today I booted up my computer and HM only to recieve the message that gave us so many problems in ~February. Being that I had recieved this problem before I did what I previously did and went to fill in the line in the host file.

      Unfortunately this file was already correct so I did the next thing and came onto the forums for an answer, to which there was none.

      So I continued by reinstalling PostgreSQL. No avail. Reinstalled HM with the most updated version, this did not work as well. I went to my System and tried to manually start PostgreSQL. I recieved this "new" error when I tried to start up PostgreSQL manually.
      "Error 1053 : The Service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely manner"

      Oddly enough when i go to my system logs I have no log of an error.

      At this point I'm completely confused. I am running Windows Vista 64 bit. I have not updated the system since the last time it ran properly. I use McAfee anitivirus. I have tried to start with or without the firewall on, doesn't effect anything.

      Please help, I'd like to play some poker.
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