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Preflop 4bet bluffs

    • noclaninator
      Joined: 01.12.2008 Posts: 312
      I am not talking about A raises B reraises A 4bet bluffs. I am talking about A raises B reraises and C 4bet bluffs. Anyone doing this? I started using this move a few times in certain situations. So far it has been working out but this move seems a little crazy for me. Here are some spots where I have done it:

      41-18 guy raises $3 on CO, TAG on the button 3bets to $10.50 and I have seen him 3bet quite loosely with hands like J7 suited. I am SB with T4 suited so I raise to $27.50 because this is how the cool kids play their T4 suited in this spot. Both players fold.

      Another spot. CO with high attempt to steal raises to $1.50, BU 3bets to $5 and I 4bet with A3 of hearts to $12. BU called. We ended up checking it down and my A high was good (wtf) but I still count that as a fail.

      Another fail. 67-19 guy raises CO to $3 and a light 3betting tag raises it to $10.50 on the button. I 4bet to $27 with J2o and he calls. I hit the jack and check it down against AK. The 5 other players (probably) put a note on me about how much of a moron I am.

      I have done this a fair bit against unknowns on rush. About 5-10 times total and I got them to fold every time so far. Even if I only get them to fold 70% this move is already going to show a lot of profit. Sometimes you see the flop when they are scared to 5bet all in with QQ or something. Sometimes they see what you did and maybe they decide they will 5bet you with 88 or something stupid like that.

      So enough about my horrible play. Any of you doing this?
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    • NightFrostaSS
      Joined: 25.10.2008 Posts: 5,255
      Yea, I do this sometimes, but not very frequently and usually I do this w stuff that has blockers to big hands like Ax/KT+ QT+. Usually i tend to do this in situations where TAG or LAG(reg) 3bet another reg late vs late or SB vs BU situations.
    • yeahyoung0312
      Joined: 16.12.2009 Posts: 340
      Sounds like good plays to me :P Looks like you have a lot of extremely exploitable opponents and I actually like your showdown with A high and J2 on those tables, which actually make the table much more profitable for you if you do just a little bit balancing.