Epic mistake on mtt freeroll

    • TeflonDon88
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      OK so I got delt A T in late position i'm chip leader with 18k chips big blind is close 2nd with 17k everyone folds i raise to 200 bb calls

      Flop 3 Q T

      BB Checks
      I raise 400
      BB raises 1600

      I call

      River T

      BB goes all in 15k

      I put him at 2 pair

      I having 3OK T'S call

      Cards are show BB has pair of 3's in hand giving him a full house


      Turn J

      I lose all but 1k of my chips

      BB is now 34k

      I am now effectively out of the tournament

      Previous to this I was at a different table against a calling station with a huge chip majority, i managed to take most of his chips before being reseated to this table. Cruel cruel fate!


      nvm i shall learn from my :f_eek: mistake!
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    • TeflonDon88
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      to add to this i just lost out on the bubble in another freeroll sitngo at 1 point i was 4th with 81k chips then it all went wrong :P
      had aa late position 110k chip div on SB pushes all in with 55 and hits on the river with 3ok 5's oh well :P
    • TheSenseman
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      Do you think he would reraise you on the flop with a worse hand? If not, you should just throw away your hand because there is no need to get fancy in this situation.