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The Adventures of a NINJA-aaaa-aaaa!?

    • geHuC
      Joined: 15.11.2008 Posts: 11
      First things first lets establish a few rules!
      [*]-[COLOR=indigo]Rule No.1[/color] You take my money on the felt !? - I Kill You
      [*] -[COLOR=indigo]Rule No.1[/color] You take my money in real life !? - I Kill You
      [*]-[COLOR=indigo]Rule No.1[/color] I take your money /anywhere/ !? - I Still Kill You
      First rule they teach you as a NINJA is that every rule is No.1

      Since we cleared up the trivial things I'll begin to tell you a story like non that you've ever heard. For the past 19 years I've been trained in the secret ways of the NINJA deep in the mountains of Bulgaria. For the most part it was a fun and joyful experience filled with daily training in the killing arts, maiming anything that stands in my way, and of course my favourite assassinations, you know normal everyday stuff. These days I have assumed cover as a normal soon to be second year student in the UK. To tell you the truth it gets kind of boring because excluding the occasional assassination overseas for the most part I have to stay undercover and do what is expected of me.

      We NINJAs have been thought since birth to look for opportunities to infiltrate every aspect of civilian life in order to give ourselves advantage and of course strengthen our cover. I saw that opportunity in poker a few years ago and have been playing on and off since then. However the fact that I had made a few $$ playing freerolls and for some time my BankRoll have been going between 20$ and 10$ caught the attention of my masters. So they ordered me to start learning the game and move up the ladder because our NINJA clan motto is "Ever to Excel" and therefore I have to excel at poker too. Another order was to move to PokerStars from FullTilt when i make my BankRoll 10$> (currently 8$) because my FullTillt account isn't tracked by PokerStrategy and therefore can't receive rakeback and i cannot gain PokerStrategy Points in order to unlock new content on the site which would enable me to gain more knowledge of poker. Additionally we ninjas love our connection to our throwing stars and I hope to build such a connection to PokerStars. Also probably the most important reason to move is the fact that there are more micro stakes SnG's on PokerStars then there are on FullTilt. Lastly since I wasn't doing so great I was ordered to cease to play until I've gained more knowledge of the game by reading a few books and all the articles available to me on PokerStrategy. After I've done that I can resume play from the 1st of October and to successfully be able to implement it between my studies because poker is a secondary mission.

      TO-DOs in order to complete Poker Mission:
      • Get 10$+ on FullTill to be able to move to PokerStars kind of completed
      • Read : All Articles available to me on PokerStrategy
      • Find out what this ICM everyone has been talking about is!? found out now need to spend more time with it
      • Read : Sit'N'Go Strategy by Collin Moshman - complete
      • Read : Treat Your Poker Like A Business by Dusty Schmidt

      • Earn enough to be able to buy a mouse in order to stop using my roommates
      • Find a good deal on The Poker Mindset and read it
      • Kill anyone you can't beat otherwise
      • Read even more books
      • Dominate poker world /NINJA motto and all that/

      Personal TO-DOs:
      Short to Middle-term:
      • Get in better shape /order from above, i still believe that circle is one of the most perfect shapes but obviously my opinion differs from that of my masters/
      • Finish year with 2-1 or better /coincides with primarily mission + NINJA pay is lousy/
      • 2 assassinations on the 1st and 23rd of December
      • Find a part-time job /again orders from above, live standard between UK and BG is very different/

      • Finish university with 1st /2-1 acceptable but not preferable/
      • Become supreme commander of the the universe /can be moved to middle-term, depends/
      • Become even better killing machine
      • Write a novel

      Current BankRoll
      • PokerStars - 0$ - Tracked
      • UniBet - 1.25€ - Not Tracked
      • FullTilt - 8$ - Not Tracked
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    • Vainis
      Joined: 24.02.2010 Posts: 75
      This ninjaaaaaaa stuff is crazy :D So future 忍者 :) ) I just wish you good luck!
      And also, kill everyone!!
    • geHuC
      Joined: 15.11.2008 Posts: 11
      Holy NINJA on a banana tree ! Now that I'm out in the open a NINJA friend of mine who also lurks in the poker world referred me to a software called "TableNinja" / apparently made by fake ninjas / which with my 15" monitor are obviously a match made in haven

      @Vainis Don't worry, soon to be killed sir, I have already started learning methods of IP tracking and few killing techniques involving monitors and mice cables /up to 47 now will have to learn at least a few hundred more to be fine/

      -NINJA out-
    • geHuC
      Joined: 15.11.2008 Posts: 11
      I guess even all my ninja training could not prevent me from spilling coke /cola - not the other kind/ on my laptop and killing it :s_cry: :s_cry: Thus i've been without pc for the last couple of weeks, because even in the ninja world the beaurocracy is extremely slow and there were no finances for repair :f_frown: .
      I did however managed to finish "Sit'N'Go Strategy" and found out that some plays i've been trying were really off of whats good for the EV line. Also started school so even less time now for reading/playing but until i get a heftier bankroll i'll still view myself as a recreational player so it won't be much of a problem.
      On the felt side of the things i got a few games in the last couple of days. Mainly playing satellites to the BLT sng's because i really like the structure that first 3 divide the money equally /any similar sng's going on anywhere else ? cuz there is only 1 table seating usually and it's a pain in the @$$ to get more that 2-3 going on at the same time/. Also
      managed to start a bankroll at PS

      Current BankRoll
      • PokerStars - 4.35$ - Tracked
      • UniBet - 1.25€ - Not Tracked
      • FullTilt - 12.70$ - Only RakeBack