mangler at få mine 50

    • PGOlsen
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      jeg har sendt både billeder og talt med dem i telefonen men de mener ikke jeg er den jeg er svindel og humbug så lad være med at lave noget sådan hvis det bare er svindel og humbug
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    • Hadi
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      Hey PGOlsen,

      from the little Swedish I understand, I got that you're frustrated about the nonpayment of the $50 starting capital, is that correct?

      I would kindly ask you to either create a thread on the Swedish forums or tell us about your problem in English :)

    • nubbe2
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      Its Danish. Since there is not Danish forum:

      here is my translation

      -I did send both pictures and spoke with "them" on the phone , but they are saying that I am not the one I claim i am. -

      The rest is he says fraud* stop doing something if its fraud.

      * Donnu if Fraud is the rigth word , but you get the picture.
    • MichaelM
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      Thanks nubbe2 :)

      I assume during our check, the colleagues stumbled across an inconsistency. The information you provided most likely didn't match up.
      As we give out $50 for free, we want to make sure everything is correct. So I ask for your understanding and advise to get in touch with our customer support.