Jackpot sit&go

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      Hi Guys

      just wanted to get ur thoughts on my situation... hopefully some1 can tell me whats going on because support at william hill just dont want to.

      On tuesday 21/09/2010 i decided to play a few rio jackpot sit&go's thought it would be a nice challenge and see how far id get.

      well i finished first in 5 and got a second in the last one X( soo close but hey ... these things happen.

      So i won the consolation prize.. $300 i emailed support and they confirmed that yes i had won the consolation prize.

      Its been 3 days now and after mailing support on numerous occasions no one at support can tell me when the cash will be credited to my account.
      They only ask for my patience???

      Has anyone had the same experience or could some who knows their procedures please let me know whats going on.

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