NL2 on a Saturday is crazy

    • pea1984
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      I dropped down to NL2 today while I waited for some NL5 tables to open up and oh my god!
      I don't know if it's because it's the weekend but iv just done 5BI there and every occasion I was caught on the river.
      The play is so bad! They're at least 2 all ins every hand. I sat down thinking this could be good, wait for a premium hand and im going to double up here.
      Well I got my money in good and then it happens, the river kills me.
      The best was when I raised pre with AK and got re-raised all in so I call.
      He has 57, I flopped a K. I'm thinking thank you very much then turn 7, river 7.
      I was like omg.
      Oh well it happens. I buy in again thinking if the play is this bad I can still make some proffit here so I wait.
      After some time I get dealt AA in the sb, 1 raise before me I re-raise and he shoves, easy call here.
      He turns over 22 and guess what the river brings, yes a 2.
      Lost another BI when I flopped a set, it went all in on the turn and the river made him a flush.

      I am certain there is proffit to be made here with players calling all the way to showdown with weak pairs and draws but so far I haven't managed to make any. I think my stats actually show me as a loosing player at this level lol.
      I think I will avoid in future and stick to NL5 where I am winning.
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    • HannesZ
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      Hi pea1984,

      It is just a manner of time until you win all the money back. Sure, it is frustrating when you put all in your chips and then you get a bad beat. However as long as they make such bad calls, you can a lot of money in the long term.

      Good luck on Everest Poker,
    • kennyclr
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      I have to agree with the saturday plays... the bad players are crazy and most of the time the are lucky... well or should i say we are not the ones that are lucky. Sometimes I get really frustrated how those bad players catch the cards they need on the river... and its not just once, its like 4~5 times! But yeah, I think trying to control temper, for me if I ever lost 2 buy in I'll stop for good, and maybe try again another time or another day. I has to say the nl2 field in everest poker is pretty insane.. although I have a bankroll of around $50 I play nl5 with lesser tables and that actually quite benefit. Concentrate and just play safe and you will be fine... not to mention when you are running bad. :( :( :(