A sng player to BSS Cash game player

    • Skibula
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      sup all,

      how much do you guys listen to the BSS starting hand table.
      BSS starting chart

      like in a full ring table you have AQ on the button and some one from middle position raise 3bb (no one called or raise be4 him)

      you fold your AQ?
      if you dont.. why not? what you will take in consideration if you re raise or call

      im guessing one answer can be if opponent have high % of attempt to steal would be a nice reason to re raise him.

      in general do you have exceptions from BSS starting chart table
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    • yeahyoung0312
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      IMO how to play AQ is not the most important thing to think about when you switch from sng to BSS, FR or SH :P

      They are totally different games. Read a lot of strategy and hand analysis will help and it also takes a lot of trial and errors.

      Back to ur question. If you think opponent open raise loose from MP you can definitely call. When you do you want to get paid off from Ax/KQ type of hands when an A/Q hits flop. If you think opponent is loose enough to call a 3bet with Ax then you can 3bet. If you think opponent only open raise premium hands from MP then you should fold because when flop comes no A you will have to fold too often, when flop comes an A/Q you are often dominated by AK/QQ+ and are forced to call 2-3 barrels.
    • PocketAcesJohn
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      Id 3bet...his opening range is obvs wider than QQ+ & AK. So it makes sense to 3bet for value, also you get aditional infomation on his hand based on how he reacts (ie: fold, call, 4bet).
    • DecMate
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      Originally posted by PocketAcesJohn
      Id 3bet...his opening range is obvs wider than QQ+ & AK.
      Who are you talking about here? there are plenty of nitty regs who only open QQ+& AK+, you can't just assume.
      I haven't even looked at the hand chart and i'm playing NL25.
      It's very player dependent, a guy who is playing 9/9 i'm folding, a guy whos playing 15/12 i'm calling, and a guy whos 22/17 i'm 3betting.
    • andreibalint
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      Hi, i'm also a sng player deciding to give cash games a try. Feels kind of difficult compared to sng's.

      Anyway, watch Crushing NL50 by hasenbraten, from what i figured is great. You'll probably find an answer to a lot of questions there. For example regarding starting hands chart, it's more just for "starting". You should steal blinds looser (like 40% loose with tight players for example) and also isolate limpers looser if you feel you're ahead of them or outplay them postflop.
    • SiXAT
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      i am not folding , only if its a super nit cause you can also make plays and if you hit your A or Q you are often ahead/ of course you should know how to get away from it, never fold agaisnt aggressive players.
      3betting can be an option but only if you think he is loose on calls oop.