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ICM Trainer

    • beckijay1991
      Joined: 11.06.2010 Posts: 71
      Hi, I'm studying hard on the ICM Trainer, doing about 2k training hands a day, to get perfect on it. I came across 2 hands (both back to back) that have confused me.

      I dont know how to correctly post it here so please bear with me.

      Also if this is in the wrong place feel free to move it.

      Hand 1: Blinds: 200/400

      4 Players: Hero (SB) 2890 Chips: Villian (BB) 3740 CO and BU have folded

      Dealt to Hero: 7 :spade: 5 :heart:

      ICM ANSWER: Push (Range is 99.1%)

      Hand 2: Blinds: 200/400

      2 players: Heads Up: Hero (SB) 3000 Villian (BB) 11000

      Dealt to Hero: J :club: 5 :heart:

      ICM ANSWER: Fold (Range is 62%)

      I fail to see why if you can push 7-5 then why not the J-5 especially heads up???? Maybe I'm retarded IDK!

      HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!
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    • EmanuelC16
      Joined: 02.01.2010 Posts: 13,909
      HU you are both already ITM and BB has a very big stack compared to yours.

      First hand, if BB loses the hand he is crippled and may not even make the money.

      I believe it's called risk aversion. Dk for sure, haven't studied for SNG since I stopped playing them.