Almost half way through it. Really liking it so far, its a whole world of new information.

To be more specific inchworm, injecting logic and accumulated emotion concepts were really helpful in understanding the issue, i ve never looked at it in such a way.

Injecting logic i ve used in the past although i had no idea that i am doing it. Used to while playing whenever i'd lose a big pot i would go over the hand in the replayer and think why the play i made its +EV and would make me not get upset about it. Nowadays with 6max and so much action going on sometimes i dont have the time to do that and obv after a few times emotion kicks in.

Inchworm pointed me to my mistakes in the process of learning. I always try to learn the new stuff and try to stay ahead of the curve but in doing so i forget to review my game, my leaks and build my fundamentals. That means my best game and worse game are too far apart. So when my accumulated emotion starts to shut down the thinking brain and only unconscious competence is applied at the tables i play really bad.

I notice that when i play long sessions too. As i get tired, lose focus and start autopiloting, not thinking through every decision i just make one poor decision after another.

Now i got something to work on :f_biggrin: