was the correct call

    • Tirys1703
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      I played MT tournament. And my hole card was K :spade: K :club: on UTG position.

      Blind 75/150 and my stack was 4200 chips.

      I raised 450. All fold but only SB and BB call.

      Flop: 2 :diamond: 5 :spade: 3 :spade: ... SB:All-in, BB:All-in and I call.
      Turn: 3 :club:
      River: Q :diamond:

      SB: has 2 :spade: 5 :heart:
      BB: has 5 :diamond: 5 :club:
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    • neznanec21
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      It's one of those situations where you're either way ahead or way behind on the flop. If SB/BB had bigger stacks than you, then I think I would have folded in that situations, since it's highly unlikely they'd both be going all-in with nothing. And if anyone was making a move with an Ace high flush draw, you would still be 50/50 to win. In either way, if 2 guys go all-in behind you, you should go all-in with a set+, because you'll be behind with an OP most of the time.
      And if you folded there, you would still have 25BB left, which is enough to get back on your feet and look for a better chance to move your chips in.

      And relying on what your gut tells you helps most of the time ;)
    • Tirys1703
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      I wanted to throw away, but I thought that when the flop came, they have high pairs.
    • TeflonDon88
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      in mtt i would have been tempted to push all in from the start only an insane player would call 25 and you would have been ahead of the 55 if he decided to call, which i doubt, it was an unlucky flop i guess 9 times out of 10 tho you would have won with kk
    • Jehudas
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      I'd probabaly join the AI party as well... Of course there might be aces with straight outs or a set miner diggin' a nugget - but the results are evil knievel... :s_evil:
    • curnow
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      got to luv that turn card with Ks , its very hard to fold over cards here