[NL2-NL10] NL25SH overpair against donkies

    • degnic
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      Found a hand I started to think about from my "archive". Couldn't find it from PT nor handhistory folder, so I just have to post a link to it:


      I can remember the first guy being really fishy and always made lots of moves, especially preflop where he bet out something between 2bb and 10bb if he made a bet - so usually I just 3-betted him to 3dollars preflop with a good hand.

      Without looking into results first, is it fine to call the turn all-in bet due to great pot odds because 2 infront of me already moved all-in or is it a fold here? How about the flop raise, is it big enough or should I put them all-in already there?
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    • Puschkin81
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      Hi degnic!

      I think you should push them all-in on the flop already. Often they have a draw or smaller pocket pair here. Let them pay. As played: you are pot committed on the turn so the call is fine.

      Good luck at the tables!