As much as I hate it, moving back down to NL2

    • pea1984
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      Well what a nightmare today.
      As much as i hate NL2 I now have to move back down.
      Lost a sizable chunk of my BR due to beats and some bad play. Seem like every time I have a hand today someone makes a flush on the river. So frustrating, and I sorta tilted when I bought in after a beat and shoved AQ straight off.
      I know I shouldn't have done that but what made it worse was I got called by A6 and lost.
      Well the laptop almost went through the window lol.
      I have calmed down and looked over the hands where I lost big and I know I played 2 of them badly but I couldn't believe how many times I was ahead when the money goes in and I loose the pot.
      Oh well thats poker, I come back tomorrow refreshed and play again and I will be smiling when my luck turns :)

      I feel better now iv got that off my chest.
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