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    • xNutzz
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      I just withdrew my money from pkr to put into another site , not that much $57 to be exact , so ran it through a conveter

      Conversion results

      57.00 US dollars = 36.46 British pounds sterling
      Exchange rate: 0.639591
      Rate valid as of: 26/9/2010

      but on PKR it was £35.05

      then minus $2 fee for being under $100

      so check your currency converter before depositing or withdrawing on this site
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    • HannesZ
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      Hello xNutzz and Welcome to the forums of

      I just checked the exchange rate for this day on

      For $57 you should get £36.03.

      So that is about 2.7% difference, which is the normal exchange fee (usually between 2 - 3%).

      Best regards,