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adjustments vs min3bettor pre in HUSnG?

  • 2 replies
    • noclaninator
      Joined: 01.12.2008 Posts: 312
      for starters assuming you raise 3bb you are getting 4 to 1 on a call every time. Never fold. 4bet something like AJ+ 77+ for value and play position with the rest. On the flop attack dry boards. If the flop comes K92 rainbow or Q85 rainbow or something like this then you should tend to bluff raise this board a lot or float. Paired boards I would float a lot. Your open range can loosen a fair bit since he can never push you off your hand preflop and playing position is profitable with almost any hand.

      My 2 cents
    • conall88
      Joined: 02.01.2009 Posts: 1,715
      this is vs my minraise in position at 50/100 with 3k stacks

      I was floating and donkbetting on safe boards , eg bruteforce or paired boards
      but the guy is an epic station and since stacks are reasonably shallow it becomes hard to call when he bets the river or just shoves.