LF Sweat partner -NL50SH

    • THESHade
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      Helo there,
      I play NL50SH on Party pooker and I want to move up to NL100SH hopefully soon.

      I am looking for a player who wants to do a sweat seassions and/or HH review/or smth else on a regular basis (let ssay once a week?)

      I evolve my game a lot and nowadays I started to 3bet a lot(in contrast of 3beting jsut 4percent<-LOL) and I dont liek to play OOP but I will prob. start to experiment w that as well.

      I am looking for a player who plays NL50SH or someone who plays NL100 and would be happy to sweat me when I will take a shot on NL100 (prob. the best would be if he jsut moved up recently(1-3months ago) so that he can tell me some differennces so I wont out-level myself that everyone is super-awesome handreader etc.)

      If u are interested post it here or write me on skype or sned me a PM or smth


      PS. Should I ask moderator to post this somewhere else?
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