My First Day

    • SpookyShark
      Joined: 29.10.2007 Posts: 1
      I got my 50 Bucks today have been playing for around 4 Hours and i know have 125 bucks

      Thanks Pokerstrategy you are the best :D

      Have been playing SNG and Ring games 0,05/0,10
      Won 15 Sng
      Won 23 Bucks ring Game

      Nice firstday :)
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    • Stefan1000
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      Hi Spooky Shark,

      thx for the compliment but i highly recommend not to play SNG's!!!

      Focus on one kind of the game. I know especially SSS is quite boring but you
      see we could easily make a more interesting Big Stack Strategy strategy into the bronze area. But the past has shown that SSS is the best starting strategy.

      I am glad everything went good for you but please take my advice and switch
      to normal ring games only.

      We will add a beginners SNG section soon...

      BEst regards,

      SSS will teach you by the way very good the behavior in the early stages of a tournament
    • Puschkin81
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      Hi SpookyShark!

      Well done! But as already mentioned by Stefan: Please stick to the short stack strategy and especially to the bankroll management. Otherwise your $125 could turn into $0 very soon. We will publish a completely new SnG area in the near future which should help you to start with SnGs.

      Good luck at the tables!