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Multi Tabling NL10 SSS

    • Armovic
      Joined: 20.05.2007 Posts: 13
      How many tables do you play when SSSing NL10?

      I started with the 50$ and played the first hour with the SSS on one table. It was nice solid strategy, but boring. I'm used to multi tabling 2-3 SnG's where I used to make my $ but I wanted to learn cash games too.

      I moved to two tables the next two hours. Still boring. I watched the SSS bronze video and the 6 tabling and gave it a go. ooo. This was getting more fun. More cards, more action. I stuck with the SSS strategy exactly as is. I made no adjustments and I cringed when I threw away my 88 and AJ suited in mid position with no raisers in the pot. But I trusted the SSS and I know I am very new to the cash game and my game itself has leaks that need to be filled.

      I worked the bankroll up to 70$ in a total of about 7 hours of play over a couple days and thought I'd get a bit crazy and see how many tables I could handle. For a good 30 minutes I was playing 12 tables at a time, I cooled off and went the next 1.5 hours back to 8. It was insane, fast paced nonstop action. A very different breed of poker.

      Sometimes I missed the warning timer and auto folded my cards. It was crazy fun, in a different sort of way. I noticed for some reason I'd go on tilt a lot faster and I started playing MORE hands the more games I played. I started doing things that weren't on the SSS, pushing lower pockets from mid position for example or limping in with them. I started to get sloppy and made some bold moves against players I wasn't paying attention to. It was obvious I was getting caught up in "action poker" where the cards just don't stop. I became less disciplined and more impatient with a bad run of cards. How can I get such a bad run playing 12 tables?!

      6 - 8 tables seems to be my comfort zone playing strict SSS. Does anyone have any thoughts on multi tabling, or their own personal experiences to share?
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    • Berliner1982
      Joined: 12.07.2006 Posts: 5,644
      Everybody has is own comfortzone. Me for example can easily play 12 tables in the mircolimits, when I use no stats so far. Other only can handle 6. The important thing is, that you can handle all the action and have enough time to think everything through. So in the beginning, when you´re new to the strategy, less very often is more, because you need the time to get the strategy in your head. Sometimes that means that you have periods where you have no hands and its boring. Use that time to analyse your own hands you played so far. Re-think them or watch your opponents. Maybe you get a read.
    • SonicXT
      Joined: 15.06.2007 Posts: 4,736
      I only play 4 because I only have a 15" pc screen, only reason to stick with 4 tables :D