dealing with players playing 90+ VP in HUSNGs

    • conall88
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      ok so Im getting owned by these guys at the moment. they just will not fold their bottom pair/ace rag or better. Im getting sucked out plenty, but preflop wise should I be playing tight or is playing wide in position acceptable?

      Ive been playing 60 vp IP and 35 OOP vs these guys, but im still being owned quite a lot.

      theyre also limp calling >75% of their btns, so ive been raising to 3.5x early with hands like K8s+ A5s+ 66+.

      any tips on adjusting to this kind of player would be much appreciated.
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    • jmackenzie
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      These players clearly sound bad and probably wont notice bet sizing tells.

      1 advantage i overlooked for a long time is limping buttons with my weaker hands vs these passive oppenents and value towning them when i hit.

      Abuse them with big value bets!
    • MatejM47
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      Well if the guy can't fold his bottom pair then don't bluff him. Never bluff the donkey :) Adapt so you value bet when you have top pair or even second pair and hit value town when you hit tha nutz :)