Cashout with active First Deposit Bonus

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      Hello, i have made three deposits which qualified for first deposit bonus. Already cleared 1st one. So, currently i have 2 active first deposits bonuses. As much as i know, i can make a cashout while i have active bonuses (they will be cancelled only if i deposit after cashout). While trying to cash out, got this message:

      (after clicking "Check My Bonus Status", i get the window which shows my current active bonuses).

      I also contacted stars support to make it clear, but it only confussed me.
      Here goes their answer:

      Hello Ignas,

      Thank you for contacting PokerStars.

      You can request the cash out to your MoneyBookers account.

      If you request a cash out now, the pending installment of the bonus you have
      on your account *will not* be affected. You will keep collecting VPPs
      towards the release of it.

      However as players are allowed to make 3 deposits using the bonus code
      "Stars600", the cashout will make you *not* eligible to use the bonus code
      on your next deposit and be credited with the 3rd installment of the First
      Deposit Bonus.

      If you have any comments or questions, do not hesitate to contact us back.


      Dinia A.
      Pokerstars Support Team

      So, the question is. If i cashout will i lose my active bonuses or will they remain active until i make another deposit? :)
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