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[NL20-NL50] one of my biggest wins but is bitter sweet

    • builthard30
      Joined: 17.09.2009 Posts: 7

      am interested in another persons veiw on this hand

      the opponent was an unknown to me however i had a strong feeling he was bluffing for the pot

      i also think i did not play in accordance with sss. when there was a raise before me i did not go all in mainly as i had built a big stack and had not moved on to another room and didnt want to lose what i had built up.

      however even tho i didnt hit on the flop unrealriverua showed weakness by checking so i decided to play a continuation bet (he then went all in)

      i just felt that given the check was definately a sign of weakness and he was trying to bring down the pot by scaring me off the hand so i blindly called and only won as i had a higher kicker than him.

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    • Gerv
      Joined: 07.05.2008 Posts: 17,678
      Hey Builthard30,

      I will move this to the BSS section as it will be judged there

      Best regards,
    • Chenghao
      Joined: 04.10.2009 Posts: 274
      Basic article : This is the reason why

      Buy-in with $2 (20BB): When you sit down at a NL10 (0.05/0.10) table, you buy-in for $2, as you can see in the chart. If your stack falls to less than $1.50(15BB), you buy some more chips so you can maintain a $2 stack. If you make a profit and have more than $2.50(25BB) in your stack, leave the table and look for a new one.

      from :

      Silver article :

      How strong is your hand?

      Once the flop has been revealed, the question is, "What do you have?" AK is a strong hand before the flop, but if you miss it isn't worth much.

      You will usually be able to place your hand into one of five categories. Keep in mind, these categories are not set in stone - depending on the community cards and the opponents you are facing a weak draw could also be counted as a worthless hand, and vice versa, for example.

      The five categories are:

      * Worthless hands
      * Weak draws
      * Strong draws
      * Medium made hands
      * Strong made hands

      the 3bet PF is ok , when he calls your 3bet , his ranged is narrowed down . Those that he would fold and those that he would 4bet are gone (typically QQ+ , AK for value)

      on the flop , your hand is categorized as weak draw , with 6 outs to make your hand ( 3 remaining A and 3 remaining K)

      This category consists of hands that have little or no potential to win a showdown and that have poor chances at getting better. Weak draws include: gutshot straight draws, small pocket pairs that miss the flop and overcards with a backdoor draw (a backdoor draw means you need to hit the turn and the river to win).

      *page 2* Which flops are suitable for continuation bets?

      Rule #3: Your continuation bet is a bluff if you have a weak draw, a weak made hand, or nothing at all.

      Examples of good flops to cbet

      A high card


      * You bet

      As you can see, a flop that only helps a small range of hands is good for bluff contibets. The board isn't showing any significant draws and it's unlikely that an opponent has a strong made hand. You can represent a strong hand, and your opponent will rarely have the cards to call, even if he is absolutely positive that you are bluffing.

      The only strong draw possible in the first example would be an OESD with 43. Your opponent can't have many strong made hands, either. He could have two pair with 52, K5, or K2, but this isn't likely since he called a raise before the flop. Your opponent would need three-of-a-kind or top pair to call a bet - he will most likely have to fold his hand.

      Before the flop - NL25 Blinds: $0.10/$0.25
      You are in MP2

      Hero MP with AKo

      * UTG1, UTG2, UTG3 and MP1 fold
      * You raise to $1
      * MP3 and CO fold
      * BU calls $1
      * SB folds
      * BB calls $0.75

      56Q rainbow

      Flop - Active Players (3): You, BB, BU - Pot: $3.10

      * BB checks

      This is a borderline case. If you know you are facing a loose opponent, you should give up your hand. If you're not sure, or if you do know they are both tight, you can make a contibet. The flop is safe and you have outs for top pair.

      How much should you bet?

      Now that you've decided to bet, the question is, "How much?"

      In general:

      * The stronger the draws/dangers on the board, the higher your bet.
      * The more opponents involved, the higher your bet.

      Your bet should always be between 1/2 and the full size of the pot. 2/3 of the pot is usually a decent size. You can bet the full pot on a draw heavy board against two opponents to give your hand maximum protection (don't think about bluffing in this situation).

      1/2 the pot is a good size for a contibet against a single opponent on a drawless board. If you have a made hand, there is no need to protect your hand. If you don't, a 1/2 pot bluff contibet is relatively inexpensive, which means it doesn't always have to work to be profitable.

      How should you react to a raise?

      Another common situation you will encounter: you make a contibet and an opponent raises behind you.

      You will obviously have to fold any weak or worthless hand, such as a small or middle pair, or a weak draw. You can continue to play a strong combodraw, such as a nut flush draw + OESD, or nut flush/straight + a pair, aggressively. With more than 12 clean outs you can even go all-in.

      You can call with just a flush/OESD/double gutshot draw if you're getting the right (implied) pot odds.

      In this case , its a Check raise , so you really should have folded and not get married to your AKo as it screams of strength.

      i like the 3bet preflop. On the flop its a close decision to check behind or bet/fold , depending on what u do when u have a set on dry flop in position , TP/overpair on a dry flop IP , weaker hands like 2nd pair and below.

      if u bet 5/8 POT with TP / set / weaker hands / air with 5/8 of the pot IP on a rainbow board heads up after being the 3bet preflop aggressor. do it all the time so that they do not know which you have.
    • Kaitz20
      Joined: 02.02.2007 Posts: 27,343
      I think it is close.
      people btw c/rai also there Jx hand and sometimes with sets :) but if you had reason to think player is maniac and try to force you out with draws or really any 2 then b/c can be reasonable