No HUD during SNGs

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      Support Template copied from Announcements post Elephant Version: _0.90___ (Fill in version number, e.g. 0.69)

      Operating system:
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      Wich poker room is the problem related to:
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      2010-09-27 00:46:05,610 - 262178487 (UTC:2010-09-27 07:46:05,610) [11] ERROR PBNLogger: Failed to GetLobbyWindowHandle(process.Id) with PID <5972>!
      The HUD will not be shown

      In case of problems related to the database: PostgreSQL installed separately:
      ( ) Yes
      (X) No, the Elephant had installed Postgres during its own installation

      Detailed description of the problem:
      Describe the problem and the circumstances when it occured as detailed as possible.
      When I play SNGs the HUD does not activate, yet hand histories are there when I'm done.
      also, the little windows that indicate that Elephant is active display, but they tell me that the HUD will appear when I've played sufficient hands.
      Oddly, these windows appear when I'm in the cashier, and tournament lobbies too.

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      Originally posted by Larres
      yes, the Elephant supports real-money cash-games (incl. a HUD) and real-money SNG tourneys (without HUD), just playmoney games (cash games and/or tourneys) are not supported at all.

      Thx in advance,
      Just use the search. ;)