No Images Colored Notes Theme + Question

    • Hajler
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      Hey guys,

      I recently moved to Stars and didn't really like any of the themes as I didn't have enough room for my HUD, but after playing around with custom themes I have found a setup that I like and I thought I would share it. :f_cool:

      Keep in mind that I only made the player boxes and notes, the table and cards were made by really talented people in the free themes thread on 2+2. I would leave credit but I don't really want to search through a 200 page thread again so sorry if I offend anyone. :f_cry:

      Anyway this theme has lots of room for a HUD and the colored notes are easy to see and work really well multi-tabling for me. If you want to try it I uploaded it here. Keep in mind you have to turn off large note icons and color borders in Options > Player Notes in the Stars client.

      Also I have a question for anyone who has ever made a theme. Is it possible to change the color of the font? I wanted to make new buttons and stuff, but couldn't figure out how to change the font from that gross yellow.
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