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    • NatRPheM
      Joined: 05.10.2008 Posts: 391
      When you have a downswing, how does it affect your mental game? Like do you start second guessing yourself alot in spots where you in reality know what to do? Do you start playing more passive? Or does it not affect you at all and you just play through it like nothing? I am in a very notable downswing right now and I find myself second guessing my decisions alot even though I both know and feel that I should pull the trigger. I think the fact im aware of my mental state when im in a downswing period has lately(last 2-3 days) made me able to play to the best of my abilities and just kinda blocking out the part that tells me: But you run so bad now, you shouldnt try this or that/NO dont play it that aggressive you will probably get called by 4th pair or something like that/ No play passive and rather let him bluff of his stack with his missed draw(instead of protecting in obv spots). I feel that since I have managed to block out that part I play way better in my downswing periods allthough results remain pretty horrible money wise I dont lose my confidence in my game and stay motivated to continue playing. I do believe that when you do loose confidence in your game you automatically start playing way more passive/non profitable/scared overall. You become scared money even if you dont care at all about the money(which was my case).

      Just some food for thought, anybody that has anything to add or has anything to point out/disagree with feel free to go at it!
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    • gadget51
      Joined: 23.06.2008 Posts: 5,622
      My usual answer is; 'Decision correct, result irrelevant.' I have it post-noted on my PC, along with a few other bits and bobs.

      I try to stick to it as much as poss, so I'm getting closer to being untiltable now, even if the mistakes are mine. If I think I have played a couple of hands in a row badly, for whatever reason, I just leave.
      I am also never 'on' or 'having' a bad run; but I have 'had up to now' and previously 'been on' a bad run; I can't predict the next deal...unfortunately! :)
    • Pimprlas
      Joined: 09.07.2009 Posts: 59
      Read a book "Poker mindset" You will find out that there is no such a thing as downswing and it really will help you a lot when you are serious about poker :) And I totally agree with gadgets51 - 'Decision correct, result irrelevant.' Correct decisions are all that matters, and bad beats are a good players best friends - If u suck out more than you get sucked out - thats when you should be worried...