• woodboy
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      Hello everyone,

      Name: Kris
      Nationality: Latvian
      Current location: UK
      I registered on pokerstrategy few years ago and didn’t use forums, videos, articles till now. But now I feel like it’s time to start. In the past years I’ve played everything from micros to mid stakes SNGs MTT's CG's, had good times and bad times, upswings and downswings, tilts and other problems. Now I feel like it’s time to take a shot and start playing more seriously, that means improving my game and I guess this site gives a perfect chance to do so. So I’ll be starting to use forums and other offers that pokerstrategy gives. I have set my goals which I will try to achieve, I guess only time will show have I got what it takes to play this game more seriously.

      See You around. :)
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    • MichaelM
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      Hey Kris,

      Welcomes to the boards.

      If you wanna start using the forums, the strategy boards are a must-visit.
      Here are the links to the SNG and MTT boards.
      Tip: Use the Hand Evaluation boards. Judge and be judged is a great way to improve your game.

      SNG's / Sit and Goes
      MTT's - Tournaments

      We have quite a lot of articles for SNGs.

      Strategy articles: SNG: Sit and Go Tournaments

      Here you will find articles we have to offer for MTTs

      Strategy articles: MTT: Multi-Table Tournaments

      Even you've already accomplished reaching the Gold status, don't be afraid to check out articles that for lower statuses too. If you want to build up a strong knowledge, you might wanna refresh what you already took with you from the tables.

      If you have any questions, please drop us a message here on the boards. We are happy to answer all questions you might have.