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how to play AK before/after flop

    • JHTAN
      Joined: 10.07.2010 Posts: 1,343
      According to SHC(early phase), if exactly one raise before you, you call with AK. The strategy stated if you didn't raise before the flop, play two pair or better.

      Let say someone raise before you and you call with AK, then you hit top pair on the flop. Should you play AK strongly after the flop with only top pair?
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    • andreibalint
      Joined: 11.04.2009 Posts: 872
      Yes you should against most players. It's just too strong. Search some statistics about hitting 2 pair or better on the flop and you'll see the chance of getting crushed on the flop are super-slim.

      However, if it gets ugly later (paired board, flush or straight possible + AGRESSIVE PLAY BY OPPONENT ) you should start getting a little shy with your TPTK. It helps to know how agressive is he in his usual game and how many hands he plays.

      If it goes as bad as 4 to a straight/flush on the board you may sometimes still go broke if you're heads-up but that's about it.

      Let's say you have AK flop is A83 you bet and you get called. You should bet every street against most opponents if they just call.

      If you bet and get raised i would go broke. There's a lot of fish playing A6o or something like that here. They also love raising you with draws, draw+small pair,and second pair with bad kicker for some reason.

      And i don't just call with my AK if there's a minraise ahead since there's probably going to be a lot of players involved. I prefer re-raising.

      If there's a raise and a call or two i generally re-raise also since i don't want more then an opponent on the flop. You'll get a hang of it as you play.
    • pzhon
      Joined: 17.06.2010 Posts: 1,151
      In a raised pot, it is usually ok to stack off with a strong TPTK or overpair hand for 50 bb against one opponent unless you have a specific read. In cash games with 100 bb stacks, you sometimes have to fold one strong pair postflop, but at 50 bb your main time to fold is if you are exploiting a player who is too predictable. Noting that someone is a set-miner who only limps pocket pairs may be enough of a read.

      The strength of a pair depends on how high the pair is and how coordinated the board is. A7 on a 7:heart: 6:heart: 5:heart: board is much weaker than AK on a board of A:heart: 9:club: 4:diamond: .

      There are times to fold one good pair when two or more opponents are interested in the pot, and it is dangerous to stack off for 50 bb with 1 pair in limped pots.