Buy-in and BRM

    • domnuasu
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      I play on PokerStars,start from 0,play 1c/2c,but the buy-in is 40BB i try to play some SSS in combination with BSS and grow up to 50$.Yesterday i changed the limit to 2c/5c,40BB buy in,and i lost about 10$.Like everyone,i don't want to loose but is happened.My questions are:
      1.What is the best play at 40BB (can't read MSS,my account not tracked throw PS)
      2.When to go to the next limit,how many buy-ins in need ?
      Should i play more at this limit 1c/2c?

      Thank You !
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    • Hahaownedlolz
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      Well you ask about brm in the title. But you don't really ask any questions about.

      Anyway.. i don't believe you should attempt to play both BSS and SSS at the same time.. i recommend just playing BSS since SSS you don't really learn much at all in my opinion.

      The general recommendation for cash games is 25-50 buy ins i believe. I'd personally go for 25BI at NL2 and then add more buyins as you move up..