2nd $50?

    • SSSC2NV
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      Hello All,

      I keep reading that people are receiving a 2nd $50 bankroll. Wondering what kind of requirements or basis this is done on? I'd love to scoop a 2nd BR to run on another platform. Im currently registered with FTP and 888 on here (888 was my own deposit). Since, I have pulled my money from FTP out of frustration.

      I have A LOT of volume that I push through on merge (2k+ hands a day) and create a crapload of rake.

      Looking to unlock other articles and videos higher than my current silver status.

      What kind of requirements do I need to meet to achieve a 2nd BR? Who/where is the best place to contact?

      Thanks guys!
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    • Mergy
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      from what i am lead to believe if you get a 2nd starting capital .. you are one of the lucky ones .. because as far as i am aware it is simillar to a lottery as to who gets one.

      Hope this helps.

      GL on the felt
    • justkyle88
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      Hey SSSC2NV,

      You cannot request for a 2nd free $50 starting capital as these are completely at random.
      There are no do's or don't s to receive one.


    • xmarukox
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      it is the rumors last long ago..

      I had once received news that ... if we havent registered partypoker, we could get 2nd $50 thru PP.

      However, the place where i live, is the jurisdiction that banned from using PP.


      i dont have that luck 2 gain the 2nd $50.. :D
      :f_eek: :f_eek: :f_eek: :f_eek: :f_eek: :f_eek: :f_eek: :f_eek: :f_eek: :f_eek:
    • Hadi
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      While it's not completely random, a user has to meet certain conditions to be eligible for a $50 capital - and we don't give those out on a regular basis :)