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First experience at the guaranteed's

    • SSSC2NV
      Joined: 29.03.2009 Posts: 136
      So last night, I tossed $25 into my pstars account to check out how their guaranteeds are. I played 3 tournies, lost all 3.. lol. They were small stakes, $1.80, $4, $3?..

      Anyways, my thoughts and observations on these tournies.

      - Insane amount of people register for these things, late reg stays open for quite a while and people just pile in. Makes the final pots very lucrative and pays out a lot of positions - even just to get your money back and a bit.

      - Early stages is RIDICULOUS play, some of the hands I saw people pushing all in with just blew my mind, calls that even a retard wouldnt make, like calling with 9 high on an all overcard board.. lol.

      - 2 of the tournies I was able to get up to MASSIVE stacks, putting me in the top 50. Once I reached the top 50, they immediately put me on a table where most of the stacks were close to my stack size, or bigger (wouldnt want to spread the big stacks out across the tables now!) This is when things got rough... I believe I played well, lost my AK vs AQ, in typical pstars fashion, flop came AxxQQ, Lost my flopped full house AK vs 88, board came AKK.. turn and river.. you guessed it.. 88!!!!!!!!!!

      My concern is that I see a lot of absolutely obsurd situations on pstars, a lot of runner runner FTW, backdoor completed FD's with nothing else to be calling with.

      Your thoughts? Should I continue to play these tournies for the sheer payout should you place in any worthy position?
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    • MatejM47
      Joined: 21.01.2010 Posts: 1,193
      Well the guarantee prize poll doesn't really matter considering there's usually enough people in it so pokerstars doesn't add any extra money.

      But yeah like you noticed yourself those tournaments attract a whole lot of fishy players that got no clue what they're doing whatsoever. So with those kind of players the tournament is definetly profitable.

      But basic rule of playing MTTs is to win them not to just cash since you barely get some money back. And yeah variance in MTTs can get brutal and its not it can easily happen that you dont win anything in 200 tournaments or even more.
    • Jehudas
      Joined: 15.05.2008 Posts: 207
      Well, I cannot really dis-agree with Matej - but my approach is somwwhat different:
      I try to play the 2.20$ 19:50 p.m. almost daily. I think you are best oft to wait until late registration runs approx. 30-40mins and then get into the action. When playing tight making ITM (most days 1171-1310 places paid) is not that hard (I have ~ 40% ITM over like 30 attempts). I play it like it was some kind of lottery. I wouldn't recommend playing too tight as you usually get action preflop anyway and getting blinded out due to turbo-mode is standard. I usually get my money in with a decent PP or good Axs, broadway etc. IP. Most chips I collect from good calls IP and crushing smaller PPs or random Aces with premium aces...Mmade a couple of deeper runs 300-80th but my goal is to win this damn thing once :P
      If you got any advice, let me know :P
    • Justin37
      Joined: 25.07.2009 Posts: 445
      i watched the WSOP main event almost every year and believe me, whatever u said did happened in live event.