Contructing Ranges

    • JonikoP
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      Hi Guys,

      Does anyone have any general suggestions on how to allocate ranges post-flop? All of the strategy articles talk in terms of ranges but I struggle to apply it in practice during a hand other than on a very basic level.

      Phil Galfond's G-Bucks article is inspiring stuff but in practice I find it impossible to think in those terms during a hand. Is it just a case of practice and building up experience? Has anyone read any good articles on the subject?

      I've tried to draw up a couple of flow charts to aid my thought process but this seems far too simplistic.

      Thanks in advance!
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    • lennonac
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      If you have HEM you can load up a few hands to review and if you double click on your opponent it will bring up a hand range tool.
      You can then give him a preflop range that you think is likely and then as the action goes you can take hands away. It will tell you your equity against that range.

      If you do this often enough then when you are playing you mind will automatically do this and you will have a rough equity % in your head against his range.

      Thinking in ranges is hard to do but if you pratice away from the tables it will get easier.
    • MiiWiin
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      Of course you can look for opponents and analyze their ranges.

      Or you can construct a range what you think what different players raises and call preflop.

      And the we can discuss here about this. ;)