[NL2-NL10] NL10 : Maniac keeps all-inning

    • SonicXT
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      I had this crazy player at my table.
      He went all-in from middle position before the flop and before any had raised and he just doubled up with K4s against a JJ caller.
      I was playing a last round before leaving the table as I had stacked up to 3.85 $ and accidentily stayed a round too long (posted blind already)

      Now, he went all-in again without any caller and I was on the Big Blind with ATo and decided to call his 3.60 $ all-in. I won the hand with a pair of tens against his 87s (pair of 8's)

      It made me think though. If you see a player going all-in preflop like a maniac and you're last to act, is it correct to call with hands like ATo or medium pockets ? It seemed more than probable that I had the better starting hand ...
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    • rubysilesia
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      If he goes AI with every single hand it's profitable to call with every hand that is better than random hand. So I would definitely call with wide range of hands: A8+, KT+, 55+, QJ+. With those hands u got about 60% pot equity against random hand, so it's a pretty descent advantage. It's important to be 1 on 1 with this villain if there's a caller already u should tighten up a lot, if there's someone to act after u should play tighter too.