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Need advice.

    • Janchiks97
      Joined: 26.01.2009 Posts: 60

      Iv been playing poker for over 4 years now, but im not a really good player. I mostly used to play at micro limits (NL4 / NL10) FR and a little bit of SH. This year i had a lot of things to do, so i took a break from poker for like half year. Now Id like to start over again, so, first I need some advice where to play. I used to play at BWin, I really like that poker room, but since I didn't register there using PokerStrategy bonus code, Im not tracked. Also they don't have rakeback, only few bonus codes ( Mostly 10 points / 1$ ). So, if anyone can suggest a poker room with nice traffic, lots of fishes and great bonus/rakeback system, Id appreciate it.

      Second thing is that I don't know what to play now, FR or SH. SH is more fun for me, but I havnt played much hands there and I think I'm making a lot more mistakes there too. Im going to learn all tactics from zero again, to become a successful poker player. Ill start off with 50$ BR, so It's NL2 i guess. What BRM should i stick to in micro limits? Also if you have any tips for me, feel free to share.


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    • justkyle88
      Joined: 07.05.2008 Posts: 7,613
      Hey Janchik97,

      Welcome to and the Community.
      Good to see you have made the decision to return back to the poker world. Breaks are fine. I, myself have just returned back from a break and playing the low limits to build my confidence back up after a nasty downswing.

      But, back to you :)
      IMO, if you don't have an existing account on PokerStars/FullTilt or PartyPoker, they would be my first 3 choices.
      The only thing is that FullTilt is the only site out of the 3 that has rakeback. But the other two have very nice incentives also. Just search through our PokerRooms and see which platform best suits your needs.

      About your choice of what game you want to play...
      Play the game YOU enjoy the most which seems like SH. Remember we are here to guide and help you through your journey. You can post hands to see where your going wrong, read SH articles, watch SH videos. So, if your having doubts about your game we can help you out with that :)

      Regarding BRM: I would stick to NL2 for now. Like you said you are not 100% confident with your game so best to start with the lowest game and work your way up while improving amongst the fishes. Once you hit $100 or so and you are confident you could think about taking shots at NL4/NL5. But for now just improve your game and don't worry about money/moving up goals.

      Also, I don't think PartyPoker offers NL2. I think they start at NL4 so might be best to check out the other two?

      Hope this information has helped you.


    • andreibalint
      Joined: 11.04.2009 Posts: 872
      Give sngs a try, that.s how i began to make money. Go for fulltilt or pokerstars. Respect brm and learn. Check bankroll at end of the