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    • stijepo1
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      Hi, I started playing 12 days ago with 25$ bonus on Party Poker. At first I played 11$ buy in s&g HU and then moved to 22$ which was not wise due to my bankroll at that time but I felt I could crush it :) .

      If there are any HU pros here I wonder if this is a good starting result although I know it's a small sample ?

      I have 9% ROI over these 518 HU s&goes and I made it to platinum memeber here in under 2 weeks :) )

      Here is the graph :
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    • SvenBe
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      wow thats amazing, but from now on I'd rather stick to BRM. Unfortunately more often than you think your way of attempting the games will result in your BR being crushed.
      For the ROI it can be your true winning rate, but also you could have had some more luck than you could expect.
      I would recommend to start a discussion in our SNG strategy forums: for basic discussions and for more advanced ones,gold members+ only!
      Feel also free to post some of the hands you played in our Hand Evaluation forums for SNG, you will also find them here:
      • What's best we also offer a lot of content to improve your game, even if its something special like HU-SNGs,

      • see our videos, especially chenny8888's new videos: HU SnG Videos

      • Feel also free to join our SNG coaching sessions, unfortunately you missed out on the HU-Special by just one day: and others- but a lot of general SNG topics will be covered there and you will be able to ask live questions and thus improve your game!
    • Skring
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      Nice climbing rate your graph has (says Yoda) :P

      If I were you I`d rather listen to SvenBe.
      I managed to get my starting capital to 270$ in 2 days (no BRM, of course) and I felt like "I was meant for this" and lost it all in another 3 days :D
      So applying a 50BI BRM for your HU SnGs it`s what is considered to be the best, in order to be ready for "the variance".

      Anyway, keep us posted w/ your results. Crush those limits ! :f_cool:
    • conall88
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      either that or you can use the kelly criterion. if your interested in that, which is a more aggressive form of bankroll management, google it; "kelly criterion poker"
    • stijepo1
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      Thanks all for your reply. I'll definitly stick to some kind of bankroll management from now on, and be reading a lot on the topic here. I'd like to become a diamond member soon (by the end of the month) so I can watch those HU high stakes videos and learn from the best.

      I'll keep you posted on my further results !
      Cheers guys !
    • SickCallWu
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      Big mistake I think, and BRM BRM BRM!!!! Preach Preach Preach!!!

      Yes you show good results but, not smart ones. :)

      BankRoll Management 101!!! Always!!!
    • ihufa
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      how many much rake do you pay? if u want to play them for serious you might wanna change to a site with less rake or more rakeback
    • stijepo1
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      Rake is 1,5$ at 22$ buy in.
      I thought about that Ihufa, but when I calculated all I got through this card promotion and what I'll have through monthly rake race and bonus that I'll excange my points for at the end of the month I think I get pretty close to what other sites are offering. And competion at these levels at party is just plain and simply awful so I'm not sure I could keep this winrate elswhere...