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  • 2 replies
    • Tampaloeres81
      Joined: 08.03.2009 Posts: 1,416
      Re-steal lighter :f_biggrin:

      against 2xbb steal you can re-steal 5xbb.
      Use SC's Suited Ax broadways and stuff and total trash if he folds enough ;) But you will need some reads/stats for that. But dont get over super aggro though.

    • pzhon
      Joined: 17.06.2010 Posts: 1,151
      Don't give that raise the respect you would give a raise from someone who is selective.

      If someone raises 100% on your blinds, you can treat that as a larger blind. If someone minraises 100%, you can try pushing for 20 bb as though you are pushing from the small blind with 10 bb. The Nash equilibrium push/fold strategy is to push about 57%, assuming that your opponent knows to call with about a 38% range. However, someone who minraises 100% is doing it because he does not expect you to reraise often. It is likely that he will fold many hands which would be correct calls of 10 bb open pushes. This means you may be able to push even wider than 57%.