[NL2-NL10] Nl5 Sh Kk

    • justkyle88
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      Hand of Wu:
      VPIP: 55 PFR: 15 AFq: 42 hands: 110
      PF3-bet: 0 F2 3-bet: 100 ATS: 62 F BBtosteal: 40 F SB to steal: 50
      c-bet: 80 F to c-bet: 24 WTSD: 27 W$SD: 46
      donk: 100 squeeze: 0 c-r Flop: 7 limp/f: 18

      How much did I spew here? haha

      PokerStars - $0.05 NL (6 max) - Holdem - 5 players
      Hand converted by PokerTracker 3

      ziulek (CO): $21.24
      Hand of Wu (BTN): $15.93
      justkyle88 (SB): $7.52
      Luis'Diaz09 (BB): $3.05
      aphop (UTG): $13.61

      justkyle88 posts SB $0.02, Luis'Diaz09 posts BB $0.05

      Pre Flop: ($0.07) justkyle88 has K:club: K:heart:

      fold, fold, Hand of Wu calls $0.05, justkyle88 raises to $0.30, fold, Hand of Wu calls $0.25

      Flop: ($0.65, 2 players) 5:heart: 4:spade: 8:spade:
      justkyle88 bets $0.50, Hand of Wu calls $0.50

      Turn: ($1.65, 2 players) K:spade:
      justkyle88 checks, Hand of Wu checks

      River: ($1.65, 2 players) 7:club:
      justkyle88 checks, Hand of Wu bets $15.13 and is all-in, justkyle88 calls $6.72 and is all-in
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    • MaestroOfZerg
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      Well I think you know it :p

      I'd bet the turn tho unless you've seen him just shove the turned nuts before, in which case getting blown off our boat redraw would suck. Most of the time I expect something like a minraise which we can easily just call, so I don't mind getting value again.

      On the river, everything that wasn't a pair on the flop he could have possibly called with got there, so unless he's completely insane and he's turning like every 8x hand into a river bluff-jam, you're toast. Yes it's sad if he happens to shove like 55 there for no good reason, but I just don't think he does it, and we beat nothing else, so I'm not calling the 4x overbet.

      Hope it helps.