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    • SickCallWu
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      Just want to say Hi, and thankyou for having me here. I am 23 years old, new to William Hill poker. I have been learning poker from my good friend Darus Suharto for the last little while now. Usually I play at Pokerstars but couldn't pass up this offer for a bankroll at no cost to me.

      I preach bankroll management all the time to myself but seem to always make a booboo and don't follow my own rules towards online poker. I am a profit player, I win alot and loose to bad beats, but we all do :)

      I am hoping to actually put for a 110% effort to build my 50$ into $50,000. I did a bankroll managent challenge before turning 5$ into over 5 thousand at hollywood poker. But Once again choose to be uncontrolled eventually not following my rules and loosing it heads up against Billy Kopp, not playing within my limit. I actually floped a set against him and he floped a straight with 57 offsuit who raised me alot preflop also. But that is one mistake I deffenetly never want to make again.

      It is very hard and stressful when you are not fortunate in life in general and actually do good at poker for a stretch to get excited and try to get rich quick like I find myself always doing.

      So I would like to take this opportunity At William Hill poker and actually do something about it.

      Represent our forum one day in the WSOP.

      Best of luck to everyone and I hope to see you at William Hill.
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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi SickCallWu & welcome to the community, always good to welcome new & existing players alike.

      Some impressive goals you have there and sounds like you have achieved some good results already, but always keep an open mind and constantly look to fine tune your game.. even pro's like Ivey are always looking to improve & build on previous successes.

      Looking forward to hearing how you get on, maybe you'll consider starting a blog to update everyone and so other members can provide you with feedback & support.

      Good luck at William Hill poker and enjoy your poker ;)

      Best regards,