[NL2-NL10] NL5 KK SH multiway OP

    • justkyle88
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      No info bout him. just 13hands @ 92/8
      So I guess a fish so far

      VPIP: 17 PFR: 17 AFq: 65 hands: 81
      PF3-bet: 0 F2 3-bet: 50 ATS: 40 F BBtosteal: 100 F SB to steal: 100
      c-bet: 88 F to c-bet: 100 WTSD: 31 W$SD: 50
      donk: n/a squeeze: 0 c-r Flop: 0 limp/f: n/a

      Not sure whether I just ship it in deep pre-flop vs Fukuruku's squeeze.
      He hasn't 3-bet yet out of 23 times this session and 31 times ever.
      Plus he hasn't got a squeeze % either.
      But I thought I could ch/shove any flop without an A.
      But then the flop action gets ugly.
      Instantly I put Fukuruku on AA and the fish on a Q. But then again....I'm on NL5 haha

      PokerStars - $0.05 NL (6 max) - Holdem - 6 players
      Hand converted by PokerTracker 3

      Highlow007 (BB): $3.16
      justkyle88 (UTG): $7.40
      BIRIKINA (MP): $9.56
      aliensz (CO): $11.75
      Fukuruku (BTN): $7.06
      olga.boro (SB): $12.57

      olga.boro posts SB $0.02, Highlow007 posts BB $0.05

      Pre Flop: ($0.07) justkyle88 has K:heart: K:diamond:

      justkyle88 raises to $0.20, BIRIKINA calls $0.20, fold, Fukuruku raises to $0.80, fold, fold, justkyle88 calls $0.60, BIRIKINA calls $0.60

      Flop: ($2.47, 3 players) 4:spade: Q:diamond: 6:heart:
      justkyle88 checks, BIRIKINA bets $2.35, Fukuruku raises to $5.00, fold, BIRIKINA raises to $8.76 and is all-in, Fukuruku calls $1.26 and is all-in

      Turn: ($14.99, 2 players) 3:spade:

      River: ($14.99, 2 players) 8:diamond:
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    • Bierbaer
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      Calling will lead to a 3way pot almost always and in the hand you even hit a Qhigh board and you still feel bad about stacking off.
      But blowing out the fish preflop sucks so much that it's worth it imo.

      On the flop I'm inclined to c/f as well.
      Vs the fish I'd go broke all day and I'd also get it in one way or another vs the reg (probably just c/rAI since I don't expect him to fold Qx and I don't think he fires a 2nd barrel with AK), but vs a bet from the fish and a shove imo we face QQ+ too often here.
    • justkyle88
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      So sick.
      Fish had Q7 and reg had AQ haha